Boston Marathon accommodations

Coming to Boston for the Boston Marathon?

 Harding House Bed & Breakfast in Cambridge is a great central location to stay for the Boston Marathon.  The Boston Marathon is one of the most exciting times to visit Boston and Cambridge.

Boston Marathon accommodations - Harding House Bed and Breakfast, Cambridge, MA

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Marathon Monday – Race Information 
The Third Monday in April, Patriots’ Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is also famous as Boston Marathon Monday.

Watch 30,000 Marathon runners who brave hilly New England terrain and unpredictable weather reach the city of Boston and cross the finish line. The course runs through 26 miles (42.195 km) of winding roads.  It starts in the western suburb of Hopkinton, follows Route 135, Route 16, Route 30 and city streets into the center of Boston.  The official finish line is located at Copley Square, alongside the Boston Public Library – easily accessed by our metro system, the “T”. Route Map

Harding House is an ideal place to stay to watch or take part in the Boston Marathon. Hop on the T (aka our Metro) in nearby Harvard Square for a quick trip to many points along the race, including the finish line in Copley Square.  BOOK DIRECT for availability and rates.

A world-renowned event, the Boston Marathon is sponsored by the Boston Athletic Association. The BSA is a non-profit with a mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running.

Boston Marathon lodging available - Harding House

Photo: Stewart Dawson (Boston Marathon 2009 – Leading Women) [CC BY 2.0  via Wikimedia Commons

The Marathon is  New England’s most widely viewed sports event. Besides enjoying New England spring on a festive day, you will also be part of a great Boston tradition as the marathon started here in 1897!  

Marathon Dates:
April 15, 2019 123rd Boston Marathon
April 20, 2020 124th Boston Marathon
April 19, 2021 125th Boston Marathon
April 18, 2022 126th Boston Marathon
April 17, 2023 127th Boston Marathon
April 15, 2024 128th Boston Marathon
April 21, 2025 129th Boston Marathon

Read about the history of the race, famous runners, and more…

Harding House is conveniently located near the Central Square “T” station for easy access to downtown Boston, just across the Charles River from Cambridge.

Boston Marathon accommodations - Harding House Bed and Breakfast, Cambridge, MA

Photo: Emw (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The race starts 26 miles from Boston in Hopkinton, MA. The Boston Athletic Association has embraced a proud tradition of extending the challenge of the marathon to people with disabilities. There are several staggered starting times depending on the racers’ competitive category. Mobility Impaired, Men’s and Women’s Push-Rim Wheelchair, Handcycle, Elite Women’s, Elite Men’s, Wave Two, Wave Three, Wave Four.