College Tours

Harding House Cambridge - convenient for Boston and Cambridge school and college tours

Recently my daughter’s friends have been planning trips to visit colleges during their school vacations. Because of her birthdate we have not yet started planning – but if your child is academically inclined it might be time to start thinking about their next step and where they will have a great college experience!

One of the first questions I will likely ask my daughter is to reflect on whether she would like to be in a rural setting or an urban setting, does she imagine a huge school or a small liberal arts college. Based on the thickness of some of these college guides there is certainly something for everyone, so I might ask broader questions to narrow it down. Of course right now she’s saying west coast to “get away” but because I know her we will likely visit some schools around here too.

There’s truly so many colleges and universities in this area, it will be easy to get started.

We can walk to Harvard University, but she does that nearly every weekend so that might be a little “too close” for her. She has shown interest in MIT, (also walkable), but I’m not sure she has the interest in science. We can walk to Lesley University but again I think she wants to go farther. We can take the train to Tufts University, Northeastern, Boston University, Boston College, Emerson, Suffolk University, Wentworth, or U. Mass Boston -(just to name a few), but I am guessing that she will want to go even farther. However if she was artistically inclined Mass Art or Museum School are also on the train as well as Longy School of Music or Berklee College of Music.

The unfortunate truth for me is my daughter will still want to go farther from home. Good news for anyone else out there looking at colleges, Harding House is a great location to visit many schools without changing hotel rooms every night!