Cozy up in November

What is there to say about November in Cambridge? It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s cloudy…all the pretty leaves have fallen to the ground and either been swept away or ground into a sticky, muddy paste that will stick relentlessly to shoes and the bottom cuffs of pants.
Traditionally we experience our first taste of the coming winter in early November when the first freeze hits the city.  Yes, this means bundling up, but it also means the return all of those winter activities we love so much. November is the perfect month for ice skating on the Frog Pond (usually open by mid-November) or at Community Skating in Kendall Square. The air cold and crisp, but not bitter and the ground is usually clear of snow.
Cambridge Holiday Events - visit Harding House Bed and Breakfast, Cambridge, MAAh, snow. It’s usually in November that we see the first flakes. What is it about that first sight of snow falling that brings out the child in all of us? You will see grow adults race to the window at the first call of “It’s snowing!” Of course in a few weeks we will be calling out “enough with the snow”, but I believe that even the most jaded New Englander’s eyes light up at the sight of the first flakes falling. And so begins the season of cozy evenings with warm cups of coca and Norman Rockwell-esque rosy cheeks.
So also begins the season of food. Long before it was a national holiday, Thanksgiving was a regional tradition in New England. And yet even as each region of the nation has developed its own thanksgiving traditions, the template for all of these traditions remains the New England Thanksgiving.  We at Harding House are always so happy  to see people gathering for Thanksgiving.  It makes us feel like we are a part of so many families and we are thankful to everyone who has made Harding House a part of their Thanksgiving tradition.
There is one other big November tradition: After the last of the turkey has been eaten and  you have caught up on your sleep, it’s time to shop. I have never successfully rousted myself for the early morning sales on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I have enjoyed many a good holiday sale in Harvard Square. And, of course a good old fashioned tree lighting is the perfect way to ignite your holiday spirit and wrap up a day of shopping . Check this website for this and other annual winter events in Cambridge:
Enjoy November and remember that along with the cold temperatures in December, also comes warm gatherings and holiday cheer with Latkes and Santa.