Head of the Charles – a Cambridge tradition

One of the world’s largest rowing events, the Head Of The Charles regatta brings the world’s best crew teams to the Charles River.

Since 1965, thousands of participants and rowing fans have enjoyed standing on the banks of the Charles River, separating Boston and Cambridge, watching rowing teams from colleges, high schools, and clubs from nearly all U.S. states and various countries compete. A much-loved sporting tradition in Cambridge, The Head of the Charles takes place for 2 days on a mid-October weekend.

Head of the Charles accommodations at Harding House, Cambridge, famous October event

We at Harding House enjoy offering accommodations to families and fans during this exciting October weekend.

Upcoming races:

2017: October 21-22

2018: October 20-21

2019: October 19-20

2020: October 17-18

2021: October 23-24

Here’s to good weather, fast scullers, and loud coxswain! We’re rooting especially for rowers staying at Harding House and Irving House and hope to see you all on the river!

Official website Head of the Charles:  http://www.hocr.org/

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head_of_the_Charles_Regatta