“Meet our staff” part 1 – the innkeeper

Briana, our innkeeper at Harding House Bed and Breakfast, enjoying Harvard Square.

Over the coming year I’d like to introduce you all to our Harding House “family”. Every once in a while I’ll post a short bio of a staff member as well as some of their favorite things to do or about this area. Some of our staff have worked here for 15 years which speaks volumes about what we do here! To start this off I’d first like to tell you a bit about myself – the innkeeper –  since technically I have been with the company since its “birth”.

            My mother started running Irving House (our sister property) in July of 1990. I was a moody teenager at the time that my mother was taking on the monumental task of renovating a working guesthouse! Since she had never run something of that size or even a B&B, it literally took over all of our lives. I am incredibly proud of what she has accomplished and amazed at how my growing up in the business prepared me for when I was “called to duty” in 2010.

            Harding House didn’t come along until I had left home but starting in 2000 I started working closely with my mother and started absorbing what all it meant to manage a guesthouse. This along with working at some other local, female owned stores and restaurants –  I feel like I have picked up a lot of knowledge!     

            Here I am, 6 years managing Harding House, and very happy working in the family business my mother built. I really like that the days are varied. In one day I might have to suggest to a family how to best use Boston’s subway system for their outing, order sheets and towels, review rates, fix the fax machine, post a response to a review, submit payroll and run to the hardware store for mop heads. Everyday is different and generally I get to use all aspects and strengths of my personality.

            One of my favorite things to do in Cambridge is simply taking my kids into Harvard Square to get dinner and see the street musicians in the summer. I love that most places in Cambridge are within walking distance. I have grown up here but I have also been surprised by how enjoyable and interesting some of the tours are! There’s a lot of history here so your visit to the area can be as busy or relaxing as you want it to be.

            Some day I’d love to visit Thailand or back to Spain and Italy…but for now I’ll have to settle for hearing about where all of our guests are from!