Northeast winter

A warm welcome and a hot drink await at Harding House Bed and Breakfast, Cambridge, MABaby it’s cold outside…

Here in the Northeast we know how to prepare for the winter and keep warm when its 24 degrees out (or even colder!). In fact if you grew up here you might even look forward to cuddling up with a hot chocolate and a book. However if you are visiting the area I thought it could be helpful to share this list from There are still many things to do in Cambridge and Boston and the items listed here even cost less than $25! 

The list includes some lesser known secrets on how to get into the Children’s Museum (hint: it takes some planning) and the Gardner Museum for a discount. It also includes some lesser known free museums, a local theater showing classics, a brewery tour, local shows and some great places to stop and get a hot chocolate as you tour around. It’s also worth noting that because Harding House is so conveniently located you won’t even have to be outside that long to get to many restaurants and shops in the area.

…but so warm at Harding House

So yeah…it may be cold outside but Harding House has a warm house to welcome you back after you have been out to see the sights. Plus you will get to see Boston and Cambridge while saving money in the areas’ “off season”.