Online Booking

On a serious note… I hope everyone knows we do offer online booking for all of our room types. In general it is best practice to eliminate the middle person when it comes to your payment and experience here at Harding House. We have recently had a couple of moments of confusion with one guest who thought they booked with us directly but had actually been bamboozled by an “Online Travel Agent” and another guest who thought they had already paid for the room through an OTA and then was shocked and confused to find that we don’t charge until you check out. (This in turn disrupted their travel budget making their stay stressful.)

These big business travel websites have many tricks. Some of which include creating a very similar website address where you end up booking online through one of their sites and charge us a commission for the booking, as well as making listed properties own website difficult to find while their own “book now” button bright and clear. I believe these tactics are overall actually driving UP the room rates in Cambridge MA as well as making it harder and hard for small, independent properties to keep up. Larger hotels have to factor in how much they will have to pay in commissions and add that to a fair room rate. For more info on this greed driven and detrimental business practice go here.

However, if you are just interested in reserving a room with breakfast included, at a fair price, with the best selection of room types, a generous cancellation policy, and parking for free (on a first come first serve basis) click on the button in the upper right hand corner of your screen! We love to meet new travelers as well as welcome guests who have stayed with us before!