Visiting In September?

Labor Day weekend is the only weekend of the year that I wish I owned a U-haul franchise.
Visit Harvard University - stay in Cambridge at Harding House Bed and BreakfastDuring this early part of the fall an estimated 250,000 college students invade the greater Boston area –  “Move-In  Day” . Yes, that is about 100,000 more than the total combined Allied forces that landed in Normandy on D-Day. It seems you can’t walk a block without having to dodge someone moving in or out.
 The best advice I’ve heard for handling this time is to plan ahead, be patient and don’t expect things to go smoothly. Do plan to be stressed and tired after a day of moving. For your comfort, I recommend planning to give yourself time to rest and recover, perhaps in our side garden with a nice glass of wine.
Students need a surprising number of supplies. Making a list of the things your student will need and where to purchase these items is a good start. Mapping out store locations and grouping purchases by location can save many hours of running around outfitting your students and allow you more time to explore the city.  At Harding House, we will be happy to send you off with directions, maps and a water bottle to help you get through you day with the least amount of frustration. Speaking of frustrating, I personally can always tell when students have returned because the freezer section in my local grocery store has been cleaned out of ice cream, so please remember to leave some for others (especially Hood’s Red Sox Comeback Caramel), thank you!
Remember that early fall in Boston can still be quiet warm, if not hot. However, the weather can change suddenly and you may wish to pack a sweater or light jacket for cool evenings. I also personally recommend bringing a sturdy pair of closed-toe rubber soled shoes if you plan to move or help someone move; unless stubbed toes and crushed feet are your thing, save the sandals and flip-flops for Boston Common. Also, if you are planning to walk the Freedom Trail or other explore other parts of our (somewhat less than car friendly) city, a good pair of sneakers is always your best bet.
As we move past the “move-in” season and later into September, those of you visiting for non-student related things, please remember to pack your patience. As the population of the area greatly increases during the academic year, so increases the wait times at restaurants and coffee shops. Also, the sidewalks and subway become more crowed. Keep your eyes out for wayward bicycles and protruding backpacks.
If you are coming to stay with us in September, feel free to drop us a line with any questions and we will do our best to help you out.
Sneak peek of October’s post: October is the busiest month for hotels in the greater Boston area. I will outline the reasons why next month. Hint: it has something to do with leaves and weddings.